Specialists in the manufacture of injection moulding tools for rubber, plastics and other materials.

Decades of experience and a professional approach

Years of cooperation with various companies have given us a wealth of experience and knowledge on tool manufacturing for the most demanding product lines, such as automotive products, household appliances, etc.

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Years of experience

Our company provides complete solutions for the design and manufacture of rubber injection moulding tools, as well as tools for hybrid products, non-ferrous products and technical plastics. We work closely with our clients throughout their entire project, including modelling, tool design, manufacturing, injection moulding optimisation and delivery to the production line. Over the years, we have been continuously improving our services by producing quality tools for many clients and meeting their most demanding specifications.

A comprehensive injection moulding solution for tool manufacture

Our company provides a comprehensive injection moulding solution for rubber, thermoplastics, hybrid products, non-ferrous products and technical plastics. We can help you with product modelling, tool design, CNC milling, as well as creating complex engravings and shapes by using immersion erosion. In addition, we offer planar grinding of metal parts and tool optimisation for injection moulding. The tools we manufacture for clients from a wide range of industries provide exceptional quality and durability.

Product modelling and subsequent tool design is the first step in the tool manufacturing process. We will prepare the tool design and product model to be produced according to your specifications.

3-axis CNC milling allows us to produce precise moulds from various materials, which are suitable for injection moulding of rubber, plastics etc.

Eroding by using copper electrodes allows production of the most complex engravings and shapes, as well as achieving different surface structures in all electrically conductive materials.

After planar grinding, the tool components are machined to facilitate subsequent assembly.

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We specialise in the manufacture of injection moulding tools to a wide range of specifications. If you are looking for a reliable partner which has been manufacturing tools of all types for over 20 years, we are available to discuss your project.

We manufacture tools to meet the needs of larger companies and their production lines, as well as smaller companies and start-ups that are in the initial stages of setting up their own production.

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Our opening hours are Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. On-site appointments are available by prior arrangement, but you can always contact us by phone or email.